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Creeping up - silently!

Time: approx. 10 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: approx. 10 persons or more are perfect
Time for preparation: none
Material: blindfolds

Game description

In this sneaking up game 2/3 players are blindfolded. All of the blindfolded players sit around a table or in a square on the floor facing the middle. The rest of the group members must now creep up and stand behind one of the players at the table or on the floor. The game leader shouts stop. Each blindfolded player who believes that someone is standing behind him raises his hand.


The blind players sit in a circle and guard the treasure in the middle. The others must reach the centre of the circle without being touched by the blind ones. Players sit approx. 1m apart. A point is awarded to the player who reaches the treasure. Anyone who is touched must swap roles.


If the blindfolded player notices the person behind him the roles are swapped. If he does not lift his hand and someone is behind him the person who has crept up gets a point. If the blindfolded player lifts his hand although no one is behind him then he is out of the game or has to try his luck again in the next round.

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