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Town Spy Game

Time: approx. 60-90 minutes
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: from 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: time consuming
Material: Signs, tasks

Game description

Dependent upon the number of players, the group is split into teams of 2-5 all with the same number of players. Each player receives a sign with an individual initial pinned on his back. The sign should be readable at a distance. The initials make up an address (e.g. RS9 for Rail Street No. 9). Each Mafia clan receives a list on which the initials are written out. With must call at the doors of the players with the addresses and receive a piece of paper with a clue or similar. During the game, each group tries to find out and steal the addresses of the other clans without giving away their own address on their back. The players should therefore sneak along with their backs to the walls, cross the streets quickly and lean against fences in a „bored“ manner... It is not permitted to use brute strength to find out the addresses. That means that touching other players is not allowed. The difficulty involved in playing this game, is to find enough families who are willing to give out the tasks/clues. One family should be found per player. The tasks/clues must also be thought up. The last time we played this game, the result was that all players who had still managed to keep their address a secret met up and laid themselves out on the street while the others tried to coax the address from under them. It was really funny. You can also think up a good story to fine tune the game. (This game idea was sent by Matthias Zimmer (EC-Sulzdorf/Germany) in December 2003.)


The person who solves all of the tasks has won

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