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Packing the car up

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 13
Size of group: from 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: none
Material: old car or a big cardboard

Game description

This game only works with lots of players in the group. The group has 60 seconds (or only 30) to squeeze as many people into an old car as possible. For safety reasons you should make sure that the heavier ones are underneath and that the time available for the task is short. If 25 people are squashed into a car the ones underneath will not hold out for long. The time should be limited so that only 10 people have time to get in the car.


If you do not have an old car available you can play the game with tea chests or removals boxes. The box lid must be closed. The box may not fall apart (keep a few replacement boxes ready depending on the number of groups taking part in the station).


How many people will the group get into the car in the given time? Or how many people can fit in the box?

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An old car is filled with people.

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