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A smuggling game with puzzle pieces

Time: 90 min.
Recommended age: from 10-12
Size of group: from 15 persons or more
Time for preparation: time-consuming (20-30 minutes)
Material: puzzle of a treasure map on a cardboard

Game description

Notes, co-ordinates or lines which lead to a treasure are drawn on a map of the terrain. The map is then cut into individual pieces so that it is only possible to locate the treasure with several pieces stuck together. The individual pieces are hidden somewhere in the area (marked positions which are easily recognised.) The group is now split into a team of treasure hunters (3-5 kids) and a team of policemen (6 or more children). The treasure hunters are now told where the pieces of the map can be found. The policemen spread out in the area and also try to find the map and the treasure. The treasure hunters must therefore find the map without being noticed and then locate the treasure. The police must try to take the pieces of the map from the treasure hunters.


In order to bring another variation to the game you can agree with one of the policemen that he is a man on the inside for the treasure hunter. This is necessary if the police can take treasure cards away which would then be missing to locate the treasure.


The winner is the person who finds the treasure. Depending on the card drawn or the missing ones, a deadlock can occur. The group leader can help in this case or the treasure hunter and the police or an informer get together.

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Different pieces of a puzzle must be smuggled.

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