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Acid lake

Time: approx. 15 - 30 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: Ropes, small object

Game description

A game that requires ingenuity and logical thinking. To begin, mark a circle with a rope. Ideally, the circle has a diameter of 5 -7m. In the middle put a small object. This can be a match box, a coin or any other small box, depending on how difficult this game is supposed to be. The objective is cross the Acid Lake without touching the ground while at the same time retrieving the treasure from the middle of the sea. You will need 2 – 4 climbing ropes for this game. Now it is up to the teams to come up with a solution for this task. This can be, for example, that two kids hold a rope tightly between them, while the third one lurches across the lake while trying to recover the treasure. Difficulty: You can come up with simple to almost unsolvable tasks. The wider the lake is, the more difficult to cross it. Also, the size of the treasure plays a major role in how easy or hard this game is. This game will be even more fun if it is played outdoors. Maybe in a forest where they can attach their ropes to branches.


There is no rating. The cooperation between the team members is what counts.

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