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Gym Biathlon

Time: approx. 20-40 min., depends on group-size
Recommended age: approx. from 8, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: 15-20 persons or more
Time for preparation: approx. 10 minutes
Material: Gymnastics equipment for Obstacle Course

Game description

To begin divide the group into smaller teams of 3-4 kids each. The objective for each team is to create a motion station in the gym. The stations are laid out circularly so that you exploit the space optimally. If possible, all participants should contribute with ideas of their own. The biathlon is built in a corner of the hall. For this purpose, they use two floor mats which they lay side by side. Before the mat, they create a circle with smaller balls. In addition, in a distance of three meters, you put a bench at a 90-degree angle. On top of the bench now put cones and other suitable objects. In the middle of the hall, you put a few jump ropes to complete penalty loops. Now divide the kids in a manner, so that everybody starts with at a different station with the obstacle course. There are no rules on how to get over each hurdle. Everybody needs to find his own way. When the kids come to the throwing box, the objective is to shoot all the cones off the bench with just one ball. For the first throw they stand; for the second they are on their knees and for the third throw they have to lay on their bellies. If one participant really can’t manage to get the cones off the bench, his has to go to the middle of the hall for rope jumping. If he, on the other hand, gets at least one throw right, he continues with the obstacle course.


The winner is either who makes it first through the obstacle course of who first gets all the cones off the bench

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