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Casino Royal

Time: 60-90 minutes
Recommended age: from 14
Size of group: perfect for 8-15 persons
Time for preparation: 10-30 minutes
Material: Roulette, poker cards, dice, casino decoration, gummi bears or sweets, stylish lighting.

Game description

All participants and members of staff turn up in posh clothes (suit and tie...). The group room is turned into a casino with different tables for roulette, poker, black jack, or dice games. Gummi bears or bonbons are used as stakes. The whole ambience is made chic. There is a bar at which drinks and little snacks are available to buy. At the beginning of the evening the visitors are checked by bouncers at the door.


There is no scoring. Every player will have lost their gummi bears by the end of the game.

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Everyone turns up in suit and tie. Roulette, Black Jack and other games are on the program.

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