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A relaxing journey

Time: approx. 15 - 30 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: 5-10 persons
Time for preparation: low
Material: Relaxation Music, CD

Game description

Such relaxing journeys are very popular and not just for children. Many adults as well enjoy those relaxing journeys. By now you can buy many different CDs covering this topic. Start with some relaxing music so that everybody is relaxed for the journey already. It is important that the room is not too cold and that the kids feel somewhat at home. After a while when all breath evenly, the journey can start. The team leader can read the story or just simply turns on the CD player. After the journey is over, you can talk about it, and everybody shares what he experienced. Did all travel to the same place or did someone go somewhere else? In the future, the past of some distant world? There are many different travel destinations, where you can relax and dive into another world.



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