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Journey to Jerusalem with detours

Time: 30 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: minimum 10
Time for preparation: approx. 5 minutes
Material: Ribbons paint, etc. to mark several places

Game description

Usually, for this game chairs are used. However, for this version you can use trees, benches or other objects in nature. For example, you could also paint a circle on the ground or a tree. Now, the team leader turns on the music and all the participants are running around. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to find a marked spot. The one who did not find one is eliminated. That continues until there is only one spot left. The kids who makes it there the fastest wins the game. If those spots are far apart, this game gives the kids some physical activity and some will be out of breath at the end. In summer you could use a water gun as well. Everyone who does not make it to a marked spot is drenched in water.



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