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Tyre bridge

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: single match or team match
Time for preparation: approx. 15 minutes
Material: car tyres, ropes

Game description

A long strong rope is tied between 2 trees at a height of approx. 150-200cm. 3-5 car tyres are tied to the rope. A player must now crawl through these tyres. This can be a rocky experience because the tyres are swinging and requires some skill so that they don’t get stuck. Even climbing in and out is not so easy. This task can also be included in an obstacle course or as a station game.


Instead of hanging the tyres up they can be bundled into a tunnel on the ground. Each player must now crawl through.


The time is recorded which the group needs to climb through the tyre. You can increase the difficulty level with beakers of water. Then you only have to measure the amount of water which is successfully brought to the end of the course.

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Several tyres are hung on a tight rope which the players must climb through.

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