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Pool noodle ball

Time: approx. 15 - 20 min. or longer
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: minimum 8 persons
Time for preparation: none
Material: Pool noodles

Game description

The pool noodle is not only a fitness device for the water sport but also a toy with which one can have a lot of fun. Before the ball game starts off in the water, the participants are evenly divided into two groups. One group gets blue pool noodle, the other a red one. On each small side of the pool is a goal. The objective is for the player to hold the pool noodle in a way so that it forms tongs. Now the team leader throws a big, inflatable water ball into the pool. The objective is to get the ball in the goal at the other side. But be careful, you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands. You only can hold


The team who scores the most points wins

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