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Scavenger hunt

Time: 90 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: from 5 persons
Time for preparation: 10-20 minutes
Material: Marking material (chalk, sawdust, coloured ribbons, treasure and task sheet).

Game description

Some games care simply fantastic due to their simplicity. The classic scavenger hunt is one of these games. 3-4 people lay a track of sawdust, chalk or sticks. There are also false trails which must end after 100m-500m. The 3-4 people have a head start of 20-30 minutes (depending on the terrain and length of the game). Then the whole group follows the trail and tries to catch the 3-4 people who are carrying a treasure which they will bury at the end of the trail (if they are not caught beforehand).


If the scavenger hunt should take place without any instructor the path should be marked out beforehand. You can hide task notes on the path which lead to the next station or next path marker. At the end a riddle must be solved or a treasure map showing the way to the treasure is found.


The person who finds the treasure has won.

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The classic scavenger hunt is still an exciting event for a children's birthday party.

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