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Mice watch out – or mousetrap

Time: approx. 15 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 10 persons max.
Time for preparation: none
Material: lace, Actimel bottles or similar, bucket, dice

Game description

You will need to make some preparations for this game. You will need a bucket which represents the cat (the cat can be painted on the bucket if required) and Actimel bottles (or similar) depending on the size of the group. A hole is pressed into the bottom of the bottle. An approx. 1,5 m long piece of lace is threaded through and fixed in position with a suitable screw. This ensures that the mouse has a little bit of weight and is more stable.
You can also draw the mouse with a marker.Now you have a cat and lots of mice. Now you will need a large soft dice which shouldn’t be missing from any extensive play box. You will find such dice in good toy stores. The group sits in a circle.
The mice are positioned in the middle. Everyone must hold on to their mouse’s tail. One player throws the dice. It is good if the player can throw the dice so that the others cannot see the number of dots before the cat lifts the bucket.
If a one or a six is thrown, the mice must run away. Anyone who is caught under the bucket is out of the game along with anyone who pulls too early or incorrectly. The last player left in the game becomes the next cat. Therefore: mice watch out. The game has become cult in our group and the effort is worth it. An entry by Peter Jünemann.


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