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Billiard tournament

Time: depends on number of group members
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: ideal 4 teams, max. 10
Time for preparation: low
Material: billiard table

Game description

If you have a billiard table available you can organise a billiards tournament on a group evening. Depending on the size of the group the players can start as individual players or in pairs. Depending on the number of teams you can organise a knock out tournament or just one on one. Depending on the amount of time available and the number of teams you might have to take balls away or agree that the team with the least balls on the table after 5 minutes has won.


Points are awarded according to the game system and scoring system. The team with the most points or best score wins.

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A billiards tournament is a program point for a whole group session.

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