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Fight with sticks

Time: approx. 2-3 minutes (one round)
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 persons are playing against
Time for preparation: none (only hold the material)
Material: sweeping brush handle padded with some foam (heating pipe insulation)

Game description

Varlets and future knights had to practice their stick fighting techniques. In order to avoid any danger of injury, the sticks (sweeping brush handle) must be padded with some foam (heating pipe insulation). Gloves would be an advantage. Clear game rules must be agreed before a fight. Strikes in the facial area are not allowed, as well as the "lunging, pulling and striking" of the opponents stick. Strikes should really only be performed through light taps. A referee decides and calls a halt to things, if one of the players cannot control himself.


A referee judges each strike.

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Stick fighting with foam padded sticks.

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