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The raft

Time: approx. 15 - 20 min. or longer
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: Toothpicks, strings, glue (if required)

Game description

Creating something together is one of the best ways to promote team spirit. Everyone who ever built something with a friend has experienced that. With this game, you divide the group into small teams of 2 - 4 players. The objective is to build a raft from toothpicks as quickly as possible. It is entirely up to the kid's phantasy what this raft looks like. It could be a bigger one, which shows merely the outlines of a raft or they put all the toothpicks tightly together. It also depends on how many kids are on the team and how many toothpicks they have available. In the end, when everybody is finished you should have a small fleet of rafts. This fleet could be the backdrop to a great pirate story to finish the afternoon. Just in case the team leader does not know any pirate stories, they kids could sit together and talk about all the adventures they could encounter when rafting. Thrilling adventures like those at the time of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.


The winner is the team which has finished first, building their raft. However, the team spirit is what counts.

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