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Adventure cards

Time: 90 min.
Recommended age: from 10-12
Size of group: for large groups
Time for preparation: 30 minutes
Material: prepared and copied cards

Game description

The group is split into 3-4 equal sized teams. Each team has a group leader who is in charge of the cards. Each team will need a large supply of cards. The playing cards are differently marked per team but the contents on the cards are equally split. Each child may now pull one card from the pile. The aim is now to win the opponent’s cards. If two players from different teams come across each other the question at the top right hand corner of the card is asked. If both numbers are the same then they must go their seperate ways without a win. If the numbers are not the same the person with the higher number may pose the question. 4 possibilities come into question (looks, power, skill and fighting power) each with a number. Depending on who has the higher number in answer to the question, this person wins the card. This card must be handed over to the leader (safe point) before it can be lost to someone with a stronger card. The player who has handed his card over must fetch a new one.


There would be several alternatives here. Instead of complicated cards the gamed can be pared down with several decks of playing cards (rummy, snap card games). The person with the higher value card wins his opponent's card. Or the opponent's card is won with a game of paper-scissors-stone.


The group who has managed to hand in the most cards to the group leader has won.

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In this adventure game the object is to collect as many cards as possible.

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