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King battles

Time: approx. 30 min
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: the more the merrier
Time for preparation: none
Material: nothing

Game description

There are 2 teams of 7 players. One player in each team is chosen as the king and a band is tied around his arm. Each team now tries to protect their own king and catch the opposing king and bring him into the camp. The size of the playing field must not be too big - a piece of grass or a section of woods is enough. This adventure is a pure fighting game.


To make the game a little more interesting you can use life bands tied around the arm. If a life band is torn off the prisoner is taken to the opponent's camp. He can be freed by being tagged by a member of his own team and then fetch a new life band in his own camp.


Which team will manage to catch the opponent's king or which team manages to take the most prisoners?

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Each group has a king and tries to take the other group's king prisoner.

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