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Three sticks

Time: 60 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: from 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: low
Material: for each team 3 sticks or 1 flag

Game description

A playing area (woods or grass) is split into two halves. Each team makes a pyramid with 3 sticks in their own half of the field. A border made from sawdust or any other material is marked out around the pyramid at a distance of 5 metres. Each team must now to knock down their opponent’s pyramid. Prisoners can be taken by tagging any opponent’s who are in your own field. Prisoners are taken to the 5 metres perimeter around the pyramid. If a player reaches the border without being tagged he may knock the pyramid over. Then all the prisoners are freed and the players have a free return to their own field.


Instead of 3 sticks, a flag is put up in a visible place (capture the flag). The flag must be taken and brought into your own camp (or half of the field) without being tagged. Anyone who is caught must give up the flag. Prisoners are allowed to build a chain however one prisoner must stay inside the circle of benches. If a prisoner is now freed by another player all of the prisoners are freed. This means that boring waiting times are kept short.


The winning team is the team who could knock the pyramid over most often or steal the flag. A team can also win if they manage to have taken all opponents prisoner at the end of the game round.

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In this racy adventure game the opponent's castle must be stormed and the prisoners freed.

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