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Shooting down pegs

Time: approx. 5 - 10 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: 5-10 minutes
Material: Toilet paper, clothespins, water gun, string/thread

Game description

Each child receives a sheet of toilet paper and a peg. The peg is attached to the toilet paper and hung up by a string on the washing line or a branch. Now, the objective is to wet the toilet paper with a water pistol until the sheet is wet enough not to support the peg anymore. The winner is who’s peg drops first. The game is as entertaining and fun for larger groups as well as small groups of two or three players. For larger groups, however, the participants should choose a referee if they are not otherwise supervised.


The winner is the player who’s peg drops first.

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