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Picture hunt as picture quiz

Time: in any order
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: each team over 2 persons
Time for preparation: time-consuming
Material: prepared photos and questions about the pictures

Game description

The picture hunt needs some preparation. Details of the town are photographed e.g. an entrance door, a street corner, a decorative section of a house, or a building is photographed from a strange angle etc. Now questions are asked:

"What is written on the memorial plaque next to the memorial statue?"
"Which house number has the building which is opposite the exact point where the photo was taken?"
"Who lives in the house with this front door?"
"How many windows does this building have?"
After 90 minutes the group should return with their answers to the picture questions.


for each correct answer one point

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Distinctive town features must be photographed from unusual perspectives and questions must be answered.

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