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The ghosts game with words

Time: approx. 3 min., or extend the game
Recommended age: all ages, from 6, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: None

Game description

To begin with this game, the kids have to decide on a certain order. Then, the first player thinks of a letter and says a matching word. For example, he thinks of B and a certain tree. The next kid says a word starting with the letter B but says another letter. Maybe R, because he is thinking of bread. The third player again has to find a letter contained within another word, starting with B. That could be D, because he too is thinking of bread. And so it goes on until nobody can think of a new word anymore or he bluffs. Minus points are awarded in the following cases: 1) A player gives up. 2.) A player is caught bluffing. If the next player is also having trouble finding a letter, he can ask his predecessor, what his word was. 3.) When a word ends with a player. For example, the player thinks of a crane and the letter he was looking for is an E.


The winner is the participant who has kept his ghost life right to the end.

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