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Water transport

Time: approx. 3 min., or extend the game
Recommended age: approx. from 8, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: none
Material: Bicycle tube, water, measuring cup

Game description

Ideally, this is an outdoor game, wherever water is readily available. Before the game starts, divide the group into 2 or 3 teams. Next, the team leader cuts a tube open; one for each team. In about 30m distance from the water source, the team leader places a bucket of water for each group. Now, the objective is to run to the water source, fill the tub, run to the bucket and pour the water in. Then, run back to the team and pass the tube on to the next person. This game will in particular train the skills of all participants.


The winner is the team that has filled its bucket first

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