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Dicing game - 53 loses

Time: approx. 10 - 15 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: 6 dices

Game description

This dicing game is played anticlockwise with 6 dice. The player who casts 30 points first wins. The game begins, as already mentioned, with 6 dices. However, in each new round of the game, one dice is cast away. This will always be the dice with the highest points. To make the game even harder, if there are more than one 6s in a single cast, those dices are taken out as well. Every dice which was taken out has to be placed in front of the player until even the last dice is taken out. Now he can add up his points. For every point, which is missing to reach 30 he receives a penalty point. So, for example, if his points add up to 26 he receives 4 minus points. However, every point which is more than 30 is passed on to the next player. That can be done by placing all 6 dices into a cup and then cast the dices until you get a figure more than 30. If you have 25 points, you only need five more points. If there are more the one 5s in the cast, the points are passed on to the next player as penalty points.


The person reaching a minimum of 53 penalty points loses.

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