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SUP- obstacle course

Time: 30 min, depends on number of group members
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: all
Time for preparation: depends on the tasks
Material: SUP boards, surf boards or floats, buoys, water containers, rods, ropes, etc.

Game description

Instead of competing in different disciplines one after the other, you can think or a SUP obstacle course. There are different tasks and obstacles, which have to be solved as quickly as possible. This way all kids can play at once. However, this will take a little bit more preparation. After all, you need to implement all the obstacles from start to finish. Then it is the objective for the kids to paddle up to the respective obstacle or task and fulfil what is required.
Station 1: Paddle around several buoys in slalom style.
Station 2: From a bridge or an overhanging branch suspend two rods. The objective for the candidate is to pass through between the poles. Also, attach a cross bar in about 100 cm above the water level. The candidate is not allowed to touch any of the rods.
Station 3: anchor 2 small water containers in the water, so that the kids have to paddle through.
Station 4: Prepare the same as for station 3. However, this time use a cross bar between the containers only as much above the water so that the board fits through. The objective for the child is to jump over it, without falling into the water.
Station 5: Every candidate receives a SUP board and 3 tennis balls. Then Paddle for about 20 m and throw the balls into a target.


Per fulfilled task and time there is a point to score. It all counts for the final result. The player with the most points wins.

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