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Foam roll

Time: approx. 15 - 20 min. or longer
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: Many sponges (> 50) or foam pieces

Game description

In this game, everyone competes against everyone. Participants can either start simultaneously or in succession. In the latter case, the team leader needs to take the time of each kid because 1 or 2 seconds truly cam make the difference between winning and losing. All kids together climb up a hill or slope. Make sure that there are no trees or rocks in the way for the kids to get hurt. Before the start, everybody stuffs as many as possible sponges in his clothes. The objective is to roll the hill down sideways as quickly as possible. As soon as they kids have completed the first round they have to prepare for the second. And this time, there will be obstacles implemented.


The winner is the participant who rolled the fastest.

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