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Time: 2-5 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: Spoon, small objects

Game description

The spoon catapult is a popular variation. You can use the spoon to throw balls, junk of dirt, stones and other small objects at a previously agreed target or track. If the object lands outside the marked field, it counts as an “out” and id invalid. For all the others the distance of how far the object was catapulted is measured and written down. The player throwing his object the furthest wins the game. Instructions: A spoon catapult is made by placing the projectile on the scooping surface. Hold the spoon handle with one hand, while you push the spoon down with the other hand. If you let go at the right moment, the object will be catapulted into the right direction. Alternatively, if you have difficulties using your spoon like a catapult you can develop your own technique. However, if the object drops off the spoon before you catapulted it, this will be counted as invalid, and the text kid gets a go.


In summer, when it is hot outside, you could use balloons filled with water and try to catapult them. Particularly funny, if the kids throw the balloons onto each other.


The furthest distance counts and wins.

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