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Recognise my foot

Time: 10 min.
Recommended age: from 6
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: Blindfolds

Game description

This game is not just funny for children; it is also a favourite played at weddings. Do you really recognise the foot of your newlywed? Six children have to sit behind a curtain, with only their feet sticking out. The objective is for the rest of the group is to guess, who those feet belong to. Each pair of feet receives a number, and the kids write down on a sheet of paper which number belongs to which kid. The bigger the group, the funnier the game will be. In this case, is can be quite a guessing game to find out whose feet I am looking at. If you want to make this game even harder, make all kids wear the same colour socks. The guessing game is now virtually impossible to solve.


The one who matched the most numbers to names wins the game.

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