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Exchanging corks

Time: calculate 60 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: minimum 10
Time for preparation: none
Material: Many different corks and bottle caps.

Game description

If you need something to exchange for your next adventure game, corks and bottle caps are a good option. You can get them everywhere, and they come in many different variations. For example, different types of beer. This means every cork has a certain value. Depending which game you are playing, the corks and bottle caps can be either traded or smuggled. If you need lots of them, it is worthwhile to have a look at your local pub. You might be surprised, the owner might be glad that you take his corks and bottle caps, which otherwise would go into the bin. This way you are doing something for the environment and collect items for playing at the same time. They can be used for many things. You can: paint, collect, hide, thread them and much more. They are suitable not just for games but also for crafting. Why spending money on game materials if there are so many already in the kitchen. – And it is sustainable for the environment at the same time.


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