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Time: 3 min.
Recommended age: from 7
Size of group: 1 volunteers per team
Time for preparation: none
Material: Scarves, tennis ball, measuring tape

Game description

Before the game begins you have to draw teams of two each. Each team receives a scarf. The two players hold it tightly by the four corners, while the team leader puts a tennis ball in the middle. The objective is for the participants is, to catapult the ball into a container. Alternatively, you could mark a circle on the floor where the ball has to come to rest.


Instead of throwing the ball into a container, the objective could be, to throw the ball to the next team, which has to catch it with their scarf and from there catapult the ball to another team. This is a relatively tricky game, which requires, quite a bit of coordination.


The winner is the team that could throw the ball as far as possible. In the second variation, where the catapult the ball to each other: whenever the ball is lost by one team, the other team scores on point.

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