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Wring it out

Time: 3 min.
Recommended age: from 7
Size of group: 1 volunteers per team
Time for preparation: none
Material: Scarves, water containers, water

Game description

Depending on how large the group, you can carry this game out as a group or single competition. In the latter case, you have to form the different teams first. Next, the scarf is submerged in water, and the participant has to take it and run to a destination about 10 m away. Her he has to wring the scarf into a measuring cup. When this is done, the scarf is passed on to the next person. To increase the fun, the team leader can easily incorporate some obstacles. For example, instead of carrying the scarf you have to wear it on your head. And again, the water will be measured at the destination.


The winner is the player or the team that got the most water in its measuring cup.

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