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Wheelbarrow race

Time: 10-15 minutes
Recommended age: from 6
Size of group: all
Time for preparation: less
Material: Carpet tiles

Game description

This game is based on the classic wheelbarrow race. The group is divided into teams of two, each team receives a carpet tile from the team leader. Next, he marks a start and finishing line. One kid sits on the tile, while the other one tries to push him from the start to the finishing line. The trick is, the kid is actually not to sit on the tile put pushes himself up with his hands. Depending how you play it, all teams can start at the same time or start consecutively. As soon as one team reaches the finishing line, they change position and return to the starting point. If one team loses contact with the tile, they will be eliminated. The team leader writes down the time of each team.


The winner is the team that has completed the whole course the quickest.

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