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Time: 3 min.
Recommended age: from 7
Size of group: 1 volunteers per team
Time for preparation: none
Material: Pencils and bottles

Game description

The objective of this game is, to stack as many as possible pencils on a bottle neck. It is possible to come up with different specifications for this game. For example, one task could be to stack as many as possible pencils next or on top of each other. And that all on the bottle neck. Another variation could be the rating. How many pencils could be stacked?


The team leader decides on how many pencils have to fit on the bottle neck. Make sure that the number of pencils is adjusted to the age of the children. On top of that, the pencils have to stay on the bottleneck for a particular time. For example, 30 seconds would be plenty.


Depending on which version you are playing. For example, who can pack the most pencils on the bottle neck or who’s pencils stay on the bottleneck the longest? For the version with predetermined number of pencils, the fastest kid wins.

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