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Dominos to the start

Time: 15 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: Dominoes

Game description

This game is one of the old but good ones and is still fun at every party. Each child receives six dominoes and now has to find ways to match them. The more children participate, the more fun at the end. If you have many children, it is worthwhile to have enough dominoes available. This will ensure that all receive enough dominoes, and nobody is left out. However, if you really can’t get enough dominoes, you can play the game with 3 or 4 dominoes each as well. But don’t make it less otherwise the game will be over too soon.


The winner is the one who could match all his six stones first. If that is not possible at all, he can take one domino from the reserve and exchange one.

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