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Fighting games using a bar of soap

Time: approx. 3 min., or extend the game
Recommended age: approx. from 10, or adapt the level of difficulty
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: approx. 3-5 minutes
Material: Soap

Game description

In ancient Rom, it was common for the gladiators to be “oiled” to make it harder for the opponent to attack. For this game, however, we are not using oil but soap which will have the same effect. It is needless to say after the duel is over, the participants should have the possibility to take a shower. For this duel, the following variants are available:


Option 1: The participants are in the push-up position. The objective is to flip the opponent’s hands from under his body so that he falls flat on his face. Option 2: The two candidates are sitting back to back. Next, they hook up at their arms and try to push the other person on his belly, turn him over or come to lay on top of him. Option 3: In this version, the counterparts partake in a regular wrestling match. However, because they are so slippery there is the possibility of injury. Make sure, they are wrestling while sitting down.


The winner is the participant who could wrestle his opponent. Of course, a tournament is possible, in which the winner of each duel compete against each other until you can determine an overall winner.

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