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Crafting animals from buttons

Time: over 1 h
Recommended age: from 14
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: time to prepare the sample
Material: Buttons, strings, pipe cleaners, creativity, imagination

Game description

For this game everybody’s creativity and imagination comes into play. The objective is to create animals from buttons. Well ahead prepare enough buttons, ribbons and pipe cleaners. The latter can be wonderfully shaped. Use ribbons for the base and then thread your buttons on it. Making a worm, for example, is easy. Just thread the buttons one by one. If you want to make a dog on the other side, that will need a little practice. You will need one ribbon for the body and four ribbons for the legs. Those ‘leg-ribbons’ are tied to the main ribbon and then the buttons can go on. If you want to make the dog a little bit more stable use a pipe cleaner instead. It can be bent into any shape you want, and you really will end up with a small animal, you can take home and put it in your bedroom. Creativity is needed here definitely. If you want to you could make a competition. The winner is the one with the prettiest animal.


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