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Scarf slingshot

Time: 3 min.
Recommended age: from 7
Size of group: 1 volunteers per team
Time for preparation: none
Material: Scarves, chestnuts or other small objects

Game description

The team leader gives every participant a scarf and one or more chestnuts. When playing outside, you can use water bombs as well. Then he draws a starting line from where the participants have to hurl their objects. To do so, they have to hold both ends of the scarf in a way, so that they can place the chestnut in the middle. Now they are going to spin their scarf, and if they let go at the right moment, the scarf will hurl in the right direction. Make sure not to use stones or other objects which easily can lead to injuries. Also, make sure you do not play this game near windows or other objects which could be damaged. All the waiting participants should stand behind the person whose turn it is or keep a safe distance.


The winner is the player who could throw his scarf the furthest

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