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Who's under the covers?

Time: approx. 5 - 10 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: from 6-8 teammates ideal
Time for preparation: none
Material: Blanket

Game description

This is a great game for groups who just got to know each other but also for those who know one another for a little time. To make the game not all that easy the group leader takes a few kids into another room and only hides one of them underneath the blanket. This way, the other kids will not know who is missing immediately. Now he hides one kid underneath the blanket, while the others have to guess who is there. All they are allowed to do is to reach underneath the blanket and feel who it could be. An alternative would be, to that they kids are not allowed to reach underneath the blanket, but only feel the contours to find out who this could be. For the second round, all kids have to leave the room and the team leader hides another kid under the blanket.



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