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Toilet paper rolling up relay race

Time: approx. 3 min., or extend the game
Recommended age: approx. from 10, or adapt the level of difficulty
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: Toilet paper rolls, rope

Game description

At the beginning divide the group into two teams. And here is how it is done: Each team receives one toilet paper roll and a 20m long rope. The kids select one teammate who goes to the far end of the rope and holds tightly on to it. When the team leader gives a sign to start the game, on child puts the end of the rope through the roll and runs without letting go of the roll to the other end. Here, he passes on the roll, and the players change position. The other player has to run back with the roll now. As soon as he is back, the next player threads the toilet paper roll back on the rope and runs to the far end with it.


The winner is the team whose runners have mastered this task the fastest.

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