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Sledge racing and off-road travel

Time: 10-15 minutes
Recommended age: from 6
Size of group: all
Time for preparation: less
Material: Sledge, obstacles

Game description

Each participant rides down the slope on his own sledge. However, it is not quite that easy. They have to avoid all the obstacles on the way and still arrive at the destination as fast as possible. It is up to the team leader to build the obstacles with or without the kids. There is no limit on obstacle possibilities. For example, there could be ramps or rods along the way. Or they have to collect certain items like scarves, beanies, pine cones. Another variant would be, that each kid or team receives a bucket of water which they have to get to the end without spilling water.


The team leader measures the time. If one kid does not succeed, he loses the respective points. Or give extra points for a task well done.

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