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Hands-feet-tile caterpillar

Time: 10-15 minutes
Recommended age: from 6
Size of group: all
Time for preparation: less
Material: Carpet tiles

Game description

At the beginning of the game, each participant receives two carpet tiles. Next, they to put them on the floor and step on one tile and put their hands on the other tile. The challenge now is to move forwards just like a caterpillar. It goes without saying, hands and feet are not to leave the tile. Even this is a game where some skills are required; it is foremost for the fun of it. If you want you can play that as an obstacle course instead.


Much more difficult is the hands-feet-tile caterpillar when the caterpillar is formed by more kids, which have to hold on to the ankle of the child in front of him. This takes quite some coordination skills.


Winner is the one who makes it first through the obstacle course. Another option would be, the winner is the one who did not lose contact with his tile. The variant with the multi-person caterpillar is fun and promotes dexterity

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