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Rolling games: games with carpet rolls and bicycle tires

In the truest sense of the word, these are the rolling games that can be carried out with carpet rolls or bike tires.

games with carpet rolls
games with carpet rolls

Games with carpet rolls

For the Carpet Roll Games, you can use carpet roles which you can get in stores in different lengths. However, you can also use paper rolls or newsprint roles, those which are used for newspaper production and printing. Even they are shorter then carpet rolls they still can be utilized. If you are planning on a gaming day/night using carpet rolls, make sure you get them well ahead and enough for that manner just to be prepared for all eventualities.

If you really can’t get hold of carpet- or paper roll, there are still some alternatives. For example, at the hardware store, you could get leftover PVC drainpipes, which can be used as an alternative to carpet and paper rolls. However, this option is more expensive, because carpet or paper rolls are often just disposed of for no costs while the pipes you might need to buy for the regular price.

The following games involve a mix of games where you need skilfulness, cooperation, communication and of course, betting games will round it all off. The participants exercise diverse skills such as speed, balance, as well as gross and fine motor skills. This way games not just provide fun, but they are also fulfilling and educational purpose as well.

Rolling games: games with bicycle tires

Game ideas with bicycle tires

Players must slip through a tire which is secured to a branch.
Players must slip through a tire which is secured to a branch.

Under the Games with Bicycle Tires list, you will find games you can play using tractor or truck tubes. However, there is one drawback: Tubes as big are usually not available in the conventional trade stores and therefore, they are more and harder to obtain. If you are still keen on using tubes for your games, by all means you could try the local tire dealers. Sometimes they have some tubes which cannot be used on vehicles anymore. If needed you can patch up the tube and put a new valve in, this way, a tube is not such a big burden to your budget.

However, what alternatives are there, if you really cannot get hold of such a big tube? In this case, you can also use a long, conventional bicycle tube, which you can buy for little money in the next bike shop or at the hardware store.

However, whenever using tubes, the youth worker has to pay particular attention to the safety of all players. You never know, in the heat of the game there could be risky situations. For security reasons, it is advisable to wrap the valve with a tape. Otherwise, it can lead to unsightly injuries which will dampen the fun.

Games with Bicycle-Tires or Inner Tubes
Games with Bicycle-Tires or Inner Tubes

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Games with Bicycle-Tires

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tubeHow many people fit into the inner tube of a bicycle?

    The objective with this game is to fit as many as possible people into a bicycle tube without it bursting.

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tubeBicycle Tube Race

    An inflated bicycle tube has to be rolled across a certain distance.

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tubeRelay race with obstacles

    Two to three players each squeeze in a bicycle tube to complete a relay race.

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tubeAll through the tube

    All players must quickly pull a tube over his head, down the body and step out again.

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tube, etc. cone, cratesTube throwing

    The game follows the model of the well-known ring tossing game, in which a ring hat to be thrown over cones with different scores.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tube, etc. cone, cratesTire Piggyback:

    Two players have to throw a tire as piggyback to a particular destination.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tubeBicycle Tube Rugby

    Instead of a rugby ball, the kids use a bicycle tube

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle, ropes for securingBicycle Obstacle Tree

    Players must slip through a tire which is secured to a branch

  9. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tube, water, measuring cupWater transport

    The objective is to carry water with cut open bicycle tube

  10. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tube, water, measuring cupPipeline

    Participants must fill a container with water and use a bicycle tube as a pipeline.

  11. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bicycle tube/tire, 3-5 meters high bar, floor anchorage (umbrella stand)Turning the tires

    Turning over a tube or tyre, which is trapped by a 3-5m pole.

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    1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rolls, ballsBall trail

      Participants build a ball trail out of carpet rolls and let a ball go through

    2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Cups or plastic containers, carpet rolls, sandSand into a cup

      Participants have to fill a cup with sand by filtering it through a carpet roll.

    3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rollBalancing

      Participants need to balance on a carpet roll.

    4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rollsStacking it up

      Participants have to stack short pieces of carpet rolls.

    5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rolls, balls, marbles, small objectsPipeline:

      Several teams build pipelines to let water run through

    6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rolls, ropeRolling up a cord

      The objective is to wrap up a rope with the help of a carpet roll.

    7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rolls, hay bale, box, etc.Transport roll

      Participants have to transport objects or other kids with the help of a carpet roll

    8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rolls, tape measureThrowing carpet rolls

      Participants must throw a carpet roll as far as possible.

    9. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Carpet rollsTelephone tube

      Participants use a carpet roll to pass on messages

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