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Games with gumboots

Games with gumboots: water transport in gumboots
Games with gumboots: water transport in gumboots

With many everyday objects and other people, you can organize crazy contests and games. For example, competitions such as handy for throwing carry the women or the regular boot throwing, they hold a lot of fun even on the main events. In group sessions, gum boots can be used in many ways. After all, they are almost standard equipment for all recreational activities such as a camp. While quality boots are made of rubber or natural rubber compounds, the low-cost models are usually made of plastics, resembling their more expensive counterparts. However, those less expensive boots are almost indestructible; their only weakness is chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, shoes are especially in demand when the carrier requires waterproof footwear that can be easily cleaned.

Games with gumboots: Participants must be transported water in their rubber boots.
Participants must be transported water in their rubber boots.

Apart from the high-quality footwear and designer models gumboots are considered extremely cheap to buy; it is also worth to buy a few pairs for the toy box. A variety of games can be played with gum boots. The spectrum ranges from relay races to station games. And many of these games can be combined to the famous Gum Boots Olympics. Many of these games are not only great fun but also require considerable skill.

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Games with gumboots: Kicking a boot as far as just possible.
Kicking a boot as far as just possible

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Games with Gumboots

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsThrowing far

    The contestants have to throw a boot as far as possible.

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsThrowing the boot with your foot

    Participants must throw the rubber boots with the foot as far as possible.

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsKicking it far

    Kicking a boot as far as just possible.

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsCross-golf

    All participants have to complete an obstacle course while kicking a boot from one station to the next.

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsSeven Miles Gum Boot Race

    The objective is to complete a race or an obstacle course in boots which are a few sizes too big.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Gumboots, LederhosenLederhosen Gumboot Season

    Participants must complete a relay race in Lederhosen and rubber boots.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Gumboots, markers for the circle, maybe a rope.Skills-Boots-Target-Throwing

    From a certain distance, a gumboot has to be thrown into a target circle.

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber boots, water tub, creekGumboot water transports squadron

    Participants must be transported water in their rubber boots.

  9. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Gumboots, water tubWater Fight

    Rubber boots are filled with water so that it can be poured on the enemy.

  10. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Gumboots, water, water guns, syringesFilling up the boots

    The gumboots have to be filled up with water from a distance of a few metres

  11. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: rubber bootsRubber boots Rugby

    Participants must conquer their rubber boots, by keeping the opponent at bay at all times

  12. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsRubber Boots Trial

    Participants must walk with rubber boots on hands and feet while finishing an obstacle course at the same time

  13. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bootsRubber boots guessing

    The objective is to guess the colour of the boots blindfolded

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