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Games with lots of rubber bands and plenty of soap

Rubber band games
Rubber band games

On this page you will find some game ideas that you can implement with very few materials; most of them you can actually find in any household. What we are talking about here are small, sturdy rubber bands and a lot of Soap. You can easily fill two hours of fun with just those utensils.

Soapy Games

Games involving games are rather unusual. However, the following games will provide a lot of fun for all kids, particularly, if you find some alternatives to them. Everything regarding soapy games is bound to be "wet", "slippery", "greasy" and “slimy.” You might consider them more as boys game or as a game idea for the camp.

Candidates need to fish a bar of soap with their feet and put into another basin.
Candidates need to fish a bar of soap with their
feet and put into another basin.

Of course, there are some civilized games as well. Those games require some skill of the players, without necessarily to get dirty or wet.

For the said soap games - depending on the game – you can use simple and affordable soaps as well as soft soaps. Both are available for relatively little money at hardware stores or in the next drugstore.

Important: Never forget the safety for all

Whenever you are embarking of a soap match with the youth group, always pay particular attention to safety. Why? The lather is slippery, which can lead to falls and injuries. It is up to the youth worker to be particularly watchful because the young people will forget about any safety advice you gave them in the heat of the game. You might consider, to play the one or other game while laying- and sitting down. This will immediately ensure that no one can fall in the first place. You also should pay attention for things not to get out of hand, as for example a group fight on a slippery surface. In this case, the youth worker needs to intervene to avoid accidents.

Games using rubber bands

The objective is to move a rubber band only by making funny faces down to your neck.
The objective is to move a rubber band
only by making funny faces down to your neck.

In almost every shop you can get rubber bands varying from the very small to really large ones. Therefore, they are easy to replace. Besides that, it is quite easy to improve games with these household items. Therefore, they should be part of every toy box. Finally, rubber bands provide fun on many occasions, and you do not have to go into long preparation with this kind of “equipment.” And usually, there is no cleaning up after either.

By the way, in this section, you will also find games involving tensioners for luggage, which also can be organized very quickly. You might not get them in any other business, but at least in any hardware store, you can obtain them.

For all games with rubber bands, you need a few skills. Besides to the basic skills you also need a sense of how much tension the rubber band can withhold without breaking.

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Games with Rubber-Bands

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber band, paper staplesPaper staple shooting with a rubber band

    Small, paper staples have to be shot at a target

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber weightsRubber band weight

    The objective is to hang heavier and heavier objects on a rubber band without it breaking

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber band, rulerStretching the rubber band

    Participants must stretch a rubber as far as possible without breaking it.

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber ball with cord, tinsRubber ball on a cord

    The objective is to shoot cans of a board using a yo-yo ball

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rubber bandRubber band over the mouth down to the neck

    The objective is to move a rubber band only by making funny faces down to your neck.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bike rack strapsRubber band catapult

    Participants must try to shoot an object as far as possible with a rubber catapult.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bike rack straps, 2 buckets, water, a sturdy rodWater carrier

    The candidate has to carry two buckets of water which are connected with a strap.

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Common pants rubber bandRubber Band Twist

    The participants need to jump over a taut rubber.

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Soap Games

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Pieces of soap, 2 bowls, waterSoap fishing

    Candidates need to fish a bar of soap with their feet and put into another basin.

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Soap, water, measuring tapeSqueezing the soap

    The objective is to squeeze a bar of soap out of your hand in a way so that it flies as far as just possible.

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Soap, plastic cupsSoap Bowling

    In this game, a bar of soap is used to knock over the cones.

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Soap, tarp, waterproof paintSoap Curling

    Participants must use a bar of soap as a curling and hit a marked target.

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: SoapSoap consumption

    Two members of each team have to lather each other until the entire soap is used up.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: SoapFighting games using a bar of soap

    Participants partake in a duel after they have lathered each other up with soap.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Soap, bucket and waterSoap Relay

    Alternately the participants must transport a slippery soap.

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Cling wrap, soap, waterCling wrap track.

    The objective is for all team members to hold a cling wrap above his head so that the soap can slip from the beginning to the end.

  9. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Soap, sturdy plastic stripSlithering slide

    The participants must lather a tarp with soap so that they can slide as far as possible.

  10. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Cling wrap, soapDown the soap trail

    The team builds a soap trail and test it afterwards

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