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Summer Olympics


The summer months are downright inviting to hold various competitions. From a simple relay race to the Summer Olympics. It is not really important if you play those games on a meadow or a fully equipped sports field, both offer themselves for Athletics disciplines, and the Summer Olympics, of course, cannot be missing.


To implement the Summer Olympics only a relatively small amount of time is required. However, you need to make sure that the required material is available. You will need a ball, one or two tapes, stopwatches, spears, bows, and arrows and a bullet or possibly relay batons. You should also prepare certificates to reward the kids in a ceremony at the end. In addition, you have three prizes for the winners.


Depending on how much children there are you must calculate with 90 – 120 minutes. Theoretically, the Summer Olympics can be held with as little as 2 – 3 participants. That might not be all that funny, but it is possible. However, be aware, the more children participate, the more youth worker you will need as well. This is important so that all the disciplines can be held within this timeframe.

What is suitable for which age group?

The disciplines you select for this year’s Summer Olympics should be adjusted to the children’s age. While disciplines such as long jump, race or ball-throwing may well be completed even by younger children, you should be wary of other disciplines. Those disciplines would be javelin, shot put and archery. Those are games more suitable for older children not younger than 10 – 12 years.


For the evaluation use a simple method: Determine the order of all results in all discipline and then reward them with one point each. This means if 15 children participate, you need 15 points to winn. The last person still will receive on point. The winner is the person with the most points.

Aim of the Summer Olympics

Besides the fun of playing, there is also the gathering of scoring points important. To resolve a sporting competition, you will need technique, skill and “comparing” yourself to others. Although rather not so sporty kids are slightly disadvantaged, however, there are also program points where the unsporting kid can score. These include archery, javelin or shot put. Important though, make sure every participant receives a certificate to reward his efforts at the end. Ideally, there should be a reward for all of the kids. For example, you are all going to get an ice cream after the Olympics. That will round off the sporting event quite nicely.


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Olympic Games

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Ball, measuring tapeLong Throw

    The classical ball game, throwing a ball as far as possible.

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Baton or something similar, stopwatchRace or relay race

    This can be an individual completion or a relay race. For both, the objective is to run a certain distance as far as possible.

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Tape measureLong jump

    The objective is to jump as far as possible. Here you have two options: jumping with a run-up or from where you stand

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Speer, tape measureJavelin

    The objective is to throw a spear as far as possible.

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Bow and arrow, Target (cardboard or something similar)Archery

    With bow and arrow is made at archery in a target.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Steel ball, etc. stone, measuring tapeShot Put

    The objective is to throw an iron ball or even a stone as far as possible.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Discus, measuring tapeDiscus Throw

    The objective is to throw a flat disc as far as possible.

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: NoneWrestling

    The objective is to put your opponent on his back

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