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Coordination Games

Some coordination games encourage cooperation. In the end, a feedback session can take place, to assess how well the group is coordinated.

What are coordination games?

Coordination Games

Coordinated means accurately controlled movements. It is one of the most important skills that children should learn. If they don’t, this could have a very negative impact on their ability to move in later life.

This can be applied to almost all aspects of life. Someone who can coordinate his movements perfectly has his feet firmly on the ground. Small or maybe not so small difficulties won’t throw him off his path. Thus, coordination is also imperative on the mental and spiritual level, to eventually lead a life with the best possible balance.

You can strengthen coordination with sports equipment as well as with simple games. Games offer the advantage that children usually like to play while training often is regarded as a necessary evil. Such as a hard workout. With most games the participants won’t even realize that what he is doing is a coordination game because fun is almost always in the foreground.

What games are suitable to exercise children’s coordination?

There are a huge number of games, which overtly or covertly train children’s coordination. Suitable examples are all games where multiple movements must be completed simultaneously. At the same time, there are also all those games where it is important to keep balance; they are extremely suitable for the training of coordination.

What makes for a proper coordination?

People who are well coordinated are often very successful in adulthood. When required they are able to multitask while always keeping the desired goal in mind. At the same time, good coordination helps to stay mentally calm and balanced - even when things get really hectic.

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Coordination Games

  1. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: nothingOne On leg

    Everyone stands on one leg and holds themselves together with the group while the upper body is leant backwards.

  2. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: nothingCaterpillar Walk

    Everyone takes a leg of the player in front of him and holds it in his hand.

  3. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: nothingDouble roll

    2 players lie stretched out on the ground with their feet touching. Both players must now roll.

  4. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Wide boards with hand and foot loops.Caterpillar race

    The group moves forwards on wooden boards (with loops).

  5. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: mouse traps, ropeCatching mousetraps

    The group must now try to take the mousetraps harmlessly from the edge of the playing area.

  6. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: hula-hoopThrough the pipe labyrinth

    A hula-hoop must travel from one end of the line to the other without the chain of hands being broken.

  7. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: old pullover or large T-ShirtPullover or T-Shirt rally

    How long will the group need for the pullover to be passed on to all of the players?

  8. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: rope, ball or other objectsThe transport solution

    A stone or a large ball must be moved from A to B. The group is only allowed to use 5-6 strings.

  9. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: drink coaster or paperSolidarity

    Either between the backs of the hands, or index fingers, or knees, a drink coaster is held between the two players.

  10. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: A sturdy wooden frame in the shape of an A and 2 long ropes.A co-operation game: A-wood race

    A large wooden A frame is held with 2 ropes. One person stands in the A and moves it forwards.

  11. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: 1-2 long stable ropes, 1 fat treeRope co-operation

    A player lies in a rope which is held by two group members.

  12. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: carpet square, chairs, tablesRescue Island

    Coordination game: working together and solving the problem together.

  13. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: ropes, plastic bottle or bowlDefusing bombs

    An object is lifted up on 4 strings and is transported 20 meters without touching the ground.

  14. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: ropes, 2 treesSpider Web

    A strategy is developed together, the solution to the problem is worked on together and that no one can solve the problem alone.

  15. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Rope, number cardsTapping numbers

    Tapping certain numbers with only one foot in the circle.

  16. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Sturdy chairsA chair with just two legs

    A difficult game standing on a tilted chair

  17. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: Stuffed animal or any other objectWhere is Schnappi?

    All the team leaders compete against their group in search of Schnappi.

  18. timeplacecategoryPersonspreparation timeMaterial: BlindfoldsKiller Radio Vehicle

    A few blindfolded players move through space, controlled by workers, without touching each other.

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